GMMP 2020 Final Reports



The GMMP 2020 Regional Reports are available for these regions:

6th GMMP: Quantitative Gains, Qualitative Losses


Around the world

GMMP co-ordinators share highlights of their country’s findings and offer actions to accelerate the pace of change in gender equality in the news media.


Marcela Gabioud

ARGENTINA Claudia Florentin
ARGENTINA Soledad Ceballos
BOLIVIA Lorna Arauz Rodríguez Coordinadora Nacional del GMMP 2020
BOSNIA & HERZEGOVINA Abida Pehlic Novi Put GMMP National Co-ordinator, Bosnia & Herzegovina
BRASIL Elizângela Carvalho University of Coimbra-Portugal GMMP National Co-ordinator, Brasil
COSTA RICA Vilma Peña, Ana X. Alarcón, Nadia Alvarado, Sharo Rosales, Ana Chacón y Liliana León GMMP Team Co-ordinators, Costa Rica
GAMBIA Bai Emil Touray Executive, Famedev-Gambia and GMMP national coordinator
MEXICO Lucia Lagunes Huerta CIMAC-Mexico GMMP National Coordinator, Mexico
PAKISTAN Tasneem Ahmar Uks-Research, Resource and Publication Centre on Women and Media GMMP National Co-ordinator, Pakistan
SENEGAL Medoune Seck, Director of Programmes FAMEDEV GMMP National Co-ordinator, Senegal
SERBIA Dr. Snjezana Milivojevic Professor of Public Opinion and Media Studies GMMP National Co-ordinator, Serbia
SPAIN Maria Teresa Vera University of Málaga GMMP National Co-ordinator, Spain
USA Glory Dharmaraj President of WACC-North America and US GMMP co-ordinator
Abigail Gamanya
Gender and Media Connect (GMC)
National GMMP coordinator

Reports discussing national findings were compiled for some of the 114 participating countries. These reports are available at the right-hand column on this page. 













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