The following is a selection of important links related to Gender and the Media

(listed in alphabetical order):

About Face (US)

The African Women’s Development and Communication Network – FEMNET (Africa)

Agenda de las Mujeres (Argentina)

Amnesty International Violence Against Women Campaign (Global)

Artemisa (Argentina)

Article 19 (Global)

Association for Women’s Rights in Development – AWID (Global)

Association of Media Women in Kenya (Kenya)

Broad Horizons (UK)

Catholic Media Council – CAMECO (Global)

Centro de Comunicación Popular y Asesoramiento Legal – CECOPAL (Argentina)

Centro de estudios de la Mujer en la Historia de América Latina ‘- CEMHAL (Regional)

Centro de Documentación Amazoe (Netherlands)

Communicating for Change: Getting Voice, Visibility and Impact for Gender Equality – IPS (Global)

Comisión Interamericana de Derechos Humanos – CIDH (Americas)

European Journalism Centre’s website and toolkit on portraying women in politics (Regional)

Ghana Association fo Women Entrepreneurs (Ghana)

Gender Links (South Africa)

Gender Informational Network (Georgia)

Gender Media Caucasus Journalists’ Association of Georgia (Georgia) (London)

Global Forum for Media Development – GFMD (Global)

International Center for Research on Women – ICRW (Global)

International Women’s Tribune Centre – IWTC (Global)

International Federation of Journalists (Global)

International Women’s Media Foundation – IWMF (US)

ISIS International (Global)

Journalistinnenbund (Germany)

Librería de Mujeres (Argentina)

Lolapress (Uruguay)

Media Monitoring Project (MMP) (South Africa)

Media Monitor Network for Women (China)

Media Report to Women (Global)

The Network of East-West Women – Polska NEWW (Polonia)

Observatorio de Prensa de Brasil (Brazil)

 One Women Press (Republika Czeska)

One World Trust (Global)

Open Society Institute (Global)

Panos Network (UK)

Popular Centre for Latin American Communications – CEPALC (Regional)

Red Informativa de Mujeres de Argentina (Argentina)

StanHope Centre (Global)

Steps Towards Development (Bangladesh)

Southern African Media and Gender Institute (South Africa)

Television Trust for the Environment (Global)

UNESCO (Global)

UNIFEM (Global)

Veeduría Ciudandana de la Comunicanción Social (Peru)

VitaminW (USA)

Women, Action & the Media (USA)

World Association for Christian Communication – WACC (UK)

World Association for Christian Communication – Latin America (Regional)

World Association of Community Radio Broadcasters – AMARC (Canada)

World Catholic Association for Communication – SIGNIS (Global)

Women’s Human Rights Group B.a.B.e. (Be active. Be Emancipated) (Croatia)

Women’s Information Centre – WIC (Global)

Women’s UN Report Program & Network – WUNRN (Global)

Women Watch (Global)