A space to think and act

A space to think and act

This year 2020 presents an unprecedented challenge but also the greatest opportunity in our 25-year GMMP journey. 

Covid-19 threw a wrench in our plans, as much as we had organized, trained hard and mobilized for the big day. The pandemic forced us to recalibrate and innovate, at the same time as we remain preoccupied with matters of life, health and livelihood. 


As a research network in this unique historical moment, we have an opportunity to venture into new terrain and create unparalleled knowledge on how gender plays out in the news during global catastrophes, in addition to the longstanding task to measure change over time of the GMMP indicators.  

As an activist movement we have a challenge to organize differently and continue building up the momentum towards and beyond the global monitoring day.  


Let’s Connect | Restons Connectés | Mantengamos la conexión is a space for us to think, plan and act together.  Let us make use of this platform to share news, strategies, resources and all else that can encourage, motivate and keep us engaged during this period.  


To start, in this issue, we learn about the Cuenca Declaration on Gender and Media, a Beijing+25 assessment of the status of gender and media developed by GMMP teams from Latin America and the Caribbean, free, adaptable teaching resources from the Advancing Gender Equality in Media Industries (AGEMI) project conducted by GMMP coordinators Karen Ross (U,K) and Claudia Padovani (Italy), and lots more.  


Do you have an article, video or news to share? Send it to SM@waccglobal.org for publication in the next issue. 

In solidarity. 

Sarah Macharia, GMMP Global Coordinator 


La realización del VI Monitoreo Mundial de Medios previsto para este año 2020 tuvo que ponerse en pausa, como se puso la vida. Queremos invitar para que mantengamos la conexión en este espacio a partir de las vivencias y relatos que se puedan compartir desde los diversos países y regiones. 

Este boletín será un lugar para intercambiar desde las experiencias en comunicación; como un intervalo necesario luego de lo cual, retomaremos la realización del GMMP desde nuevos escenarios mundiales. 

Mantener la conexión en este momento es fundamental, por eso les invitamos a hacer suyo este espacio.


— Sandra Lopez, Coordinadora Regional para América Latina

Sarah Macharia, Ph.D.

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