Issue 2

Positive news during Covid-19 times

Hilary Nicholson, WMW-Jamaica.
GMMP coordinator for the Caribbean Region

Having to postpone GMMP to later this year was disappointing at the time, however it gives us more time to plan and share ideas.  I think one of the things we can usefully share are positive news arising from the COVID-19 pandemic, in contrast to the daily diet of doom and gloom. This will sharpen our GMMP gender lenses and lift our spirits.

For example, Jamaica’s highly competent, quietly efficient but little-known Chief Medical Officer, Dr. Jacqueline Bisasor-McKenzie, has become a highly respected ‘household name’ thanks to her regular news updates. Meanwhile media personality Dionne Jackson Miller is being hailed  almost daily for her insightful, hard-hitting interviews with the Minister of Health.

The Bahamas now has a new social media star as a result of the explosion of social media activity during COVID lockdowns. Hearing-impaired 28 year-old Kylie Capron, known on Tik Tok as  ‘Boss Lady KyKy’ has been teaching sign language to tens of millions of viewers as far away as Sweden!  Read more

Image of women and men in Ramadan drama

Television viewership in Egypt is highest during the Islamic holy month of Ramadan, during which time new drama series make their debut. GMMP Egypt coordinator Appropriate Communication Techniques for Development (ACT) took the opportunity of the 2019 Ramadan season to monitor gender-based violence in 11 television drama series.

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The gendered dimensions of Covid-19

COVID-19 significantly impacts women and girls. This scenario is even more acute when we intersect gender with other social markers such as race, class, ethnicity, sexuality, age and geographical location. ACT Alliance has produced a briefing paper on the gendered dimensions of Covid-19,  the main issues and recommendations for policy makers and private sector actors. Among the issues discussed are care work, sexual and gender-based violence, education, and economic justice.

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