Issue 3

Welcome to the third issue of Let’s Connect | Restons Connectés | Mantengamos la conexión, our space as the GMMP network to think, plan and act together during these unprecedented Covid19 times.

This issue brings you stories from partners in three regions: From Europe, a ground-breaking project to create a knowledge archive of survival stories of gender and sexual minorities in the Balkans during the 1990s-2016 war; from the Middle East, the findings of a rapid assessment study of the impact of Covid-19 on the Mosawa Network run by GMMP Jordanian coordinator the Arab Women Organization; from Latin America, a sharp analysis by GMMP Mexico coordinator Comunicación e Información de la Mujer on news media sexism as political violence.

Now that we have a date for GMMP 2020, we can anticipate not only another exciting global monitoring but an extraordinary one as well. If the findings of the test monitoring conducted in May are confirmed, we can also expect some startling, some encouraging and some concerning results. In the next newsletter we will hear from the team that conducted the test and learn about the slight tweaks to the coding tools on how to code coronavirus stories in the global monitoring. 

Do remember to send articles, stories, news and anything you’d like to share to for publication in the next issue. 

In solidarity. 

Sarah Macharia, GMMP Global Coordinator 

LGBT*IQA Storytelling-Queer Archive Project

Throughout the conflict and post-conflict period (1990s-2016) in Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH), ethno-nationalist politics and practices reinforced stereotypical and rigid gender and sexuality roles, resulting in the marginalization of women, minority groups, and LGBT*IQA persons institutionally, economically and socially. 

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Impact of Covid-19 on Mosawa Network

The Arab Women Organization of Jordan (AWO) initiated a rapid assessment study of the impact of  COVID-19 on the work of women-led organizations affiliated to Mosawa Network. Launched in May during the lockdown, the assessment aimed to  find out the potential capabilities and opportunities to continue serving local communities through technology and remote communication. 

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El sexismo en las noticias es violencia politica 

Aún con presencia paritaria de mujeres y hombres contendiendo para ocupar cargos públicos, los medios desdeñan su participación y publican cuatro veces menos sobre ellas. [...] El Observatorio de Medios de Comunicación e Información de la Mujer A.C, analizó la cobertura periodística sobre la participación política de las mujeres para analizar si los medios acompañaron la paridad política con la representación mediática.

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