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Gender in Austrian online news during COVID-19: GMMP 2020 pilot

Krisztina Rozgonyi, University of Vienna

The first wave of the health emergency put all of us under pressure, adapting to the realities of an unexpected and never before experienced situation. Teaching and lecturing during these times had to redefine and transform the learning experience in a way which was academically meaningful and technically manageable to students. Moreover, it was quite clear from the very beginning that only topics and activities which reflected everyday concerns of the pandemic could maintain attention and focus; thus we decided to monitor women’s presence and representation in Austrian online news reporting.  Read more on the GMMP pilot monitoring blog

The pilot monitoring team

Top:  Lisa Barbara Weber. Marlies Ehrenpaar, Anja Croce, Ilyas Sana 
Middle: Katrin Bashutska, Victoria Wehner, Daniela Pruckner 
Bottom: Merve Özcan, Johanna Walk, Melanie Moosmann, Neivein Haddad, Prini Abraham


Read the team's blog posts here


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Advancing gender equality in media

In my opinion, the most effective strategy to achieve gender-sensitive media is:

Increased gender-awareness training of media professionals
Greater action by audiences to hold their media accountable
Stricter enforcement of gender-focussed media codes and policies
More female journalists, editors and media house managers



#MeToo #TimesUp

In my view, society is less tolerant of sexist stereotypes in the media now than three years ago.

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