"It is essential to promote forms of communication that not only challenge the patriarchal nature of media but strive to decentralise and democratise them: to create media that encourage dialogue and debate; media that advance women and peoples' creativity [...] Media which are responsive to people's needs". (The Bangkok Declaration, 1994) This blog seeks to encourage a critical engagement with questions about the gender dimensions of print, broadcast and digital media policy and practice. The posts highlight news, events, analyses and information from around the world in an effort to spur gender-focussed debate and action.


ICTs for Feminist Movement Building: Toolkit

A comprehensive toolkit for using Information Communication Technologies (ICTs) for feminist movements and struggles. The report is produced by Just Associates (JASS), Women'sNet, and the Association  for Progressive Communications (APC).


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Report on European Union's Beijing+20 Actions

European Women's Lobby evaluates how gender equality is implemented in the European Union and where it lags behind in its commitment to guarantee rights of women and girls. Read More

USA: Report on the status of women in media

The Women’s Media Center announces the publication of the WMC Status of Women in U.S. Media Report 2015. The study looked at the 10 most widely circulated newspapers in the U.S., the national evening news broadcasts, the most-viewed Internet news sites and two international wire services.


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Jamaica: Looking Out, March 2015 issue

WMW Jamaica news magazine. Vol 10 Issue 1. March 2015

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Abordaje mediatico, oportunidad o barrera para la participacion politica de las mujeres

Un estudio sobre la cobertura realizada por los medios de comunicación durante la campaña electoral 2014 (elección de autoridades locales en el territorio ecuatoriano), desde una perspectiva de género.


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Nueva publicación: Políticas públicas de comunicación y género en América Latina

Este libro surge de las reflexiones provocadas por un nuevo marco normativo que existe en Argentina, desde el 2009, sobre las diferentes formas de discriminación de género en los medios de comunicación.

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The film industry: Gender bias without borders

New research on the film industry has concluded that "female characters are not equal and they are not aspirational".

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New report! Gender and global media

UNESCO has released a new report documenting world trends in freedom of expression and media development. Each of the report's four chapters, on freedom (chapter 1), pluralism (chapter 2), independence (chapter 3) and safety (chapter 4), contains a section of gender .

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Rights, Stereotypes, and Gender Equality Issues

What proportion of news stories published on major news websites worldwide focus centrally on women?


Advancing gender equality in media

In my opinion, the most effective strategy to achieve gender-sensitive media is:

Increased gender-awareness training of media professionals
Greater action by audiences to hold their media accountable
Stricter enforcement of gender-focussed media codes and policies
More female journalists, editors and media house managers

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Who Makes the News blog seeks to encourage a critical engagement with questions about the gender dimensions of print, broadcast and digital media policy and practice.

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