on January 21, 2014
Dear All,
Yesterday, at night, a new cabinet was formed in Lebanon and today news are focusing on that story. The cabinet was formed from 30 ministers and unfortunately only 2 women were nominated, one minister of finance which is an important portfolio and the other minister of state which is in fact a portfolio without any effective power.
We are wondering if news will be indifferent to this inequality in distribution of ministerial portfolios (28 men – 2 women).  Some quotes from the Lebanese monitoring team:
"GMMP is a pioneer program which will push forward cooperation between women and men in making the news upon non stereotypes’ prejudgment" (Tony Mikhael, coordinator of Lebanese monitoring team).
"I shall be enjoying GMMP day and hope that every day will be a GMMP to reach our goals in empowering women's presence in the news" (Sali Wehbe, monitor, Lebanon).
Regards and good luck to you all,
Tony Mikhael, Coordinator of Lebanese Monitoring Team, Maharat Foundation. Back To Top

January 21, 2014
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