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  on January 21, 2014
Some 62 individuals in India have volunteered to participate in the monitoring and join the gmmpindia yahoogroup set up a few months ago to facilitate communication related to the project across the country. Among the original e-group members were 7 men.

22 volunteers from various walks of life (including several journalists and mass communications/journalism faculty), located in different parts of the country, will be monitoring 26 newspapers in 10 languages, 13 TV channels in 6 languages, and 6 radio stations in 5 languages.

We hope we'll be able to put together a national report, which I think will be the first of its kind here and could serve a variety of useful purposes within the country. The inclusion of media based outside the big cities would certainly make such a report especially unique and rich.

For many of us (including myself) this will be our first experience with participation in the GMMP, although several of us are of course familiar with the earlier reports.

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January 21, 2014
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