UK: White men over-represented on BBC's political panel

Source: New Statesman (Britain's weekly political, cultural and current affairs magazine)
Author: Harry Lambert
Date published: 22 July, 2014

White men disproportionately dominate most fields, but even the BBC's flagship political panel show seems incapable of gender (or ethnic) balance.

" A May 2015 analysis of Question Time guests in 2014 has uncovered what many could have probably predicted – white men are over-represented by the flagship political panel show. The programme, which has recently stopped for the summer, markets itself as one of "debate in which guests from the worlds of politics and the media answer questions posed by members of the public". But it seems to do a poor job of portraying the world of the members of the public who form the show's audience – it over-represents white men, and under-represents white women and men from ethnic minorities".


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Advancing gender equality in media

In my opinion, the most effective strategy to achieve gender-sensitive media is:

Increased gender-awareness training of media professionals
Greater action by audiences to hold their media accountable
Stricter enforcement of gender-focussed media codes and policies
More female journalists, editors and media house managers



#MeToo #TimesUp

In my view, society is less tolerant of sexist stereotypes in the media now than three years ago.

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