U.S: New research shows media bias against women as economic experts

A new study reveals that in only 28% of  guests in news segments about the economy broadcast by three American networks are women.

The Media Matters researchers observed weekday evening news programming on CNN, Fox News and MSNBC over a one-year period begining in April 2013 and ending in March 2014.

The study found that "of the three networks examined, Fox News hosted the smallest percentage of female guests in segments on the economy, with women representing only 26 percent of total guest appearances. CNN and MSNBC both provided proportionally more female guest appearances than Fox News, performing better than the average across all networks."

The report further notes that "Female economists accounted for roughly 9.6 percent of total economist appearances throughout the year. The lack of women economists on news programs belies the fact that in 2012, almost 32 percent of new economics doctorate recipients were women".

Access the full report here.

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Advancing gender equality in media

In my opinion, the most effective strategy to achieve gender-sensitive media is:

Increased gender-awareness training of media professionals
Greater action by audiences to hold their media accountable
Stricter enforcement of gender-focussed media codes and policies
More female journalists, editors and media house managers



#MeToo #TimesUp

In my view, society is less tolerant of sexist stereotypes in the media now than three years ago.

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