Views and experiences on the GMMP

  on January 21, 2014

Coordinators and organizers share views about the GMMP

The GMMP team spoke with several national coordinators on monitoring day.

"GMMP is totally a different experience because I feel that I am not alone, and a lot of people are working together so its about solidarity. Its about understanding things together. Its about changing things together. So in a lot of ways it gives me a courage. It gives me a lot of enthusiasm. Its also good to see the new comers, the young people who take it really seriously and their enthusiasm. The world is really diverse, and we have a lot of differences in many countries of the world. But an event like GMMP makes us understand we can still work together with the same goals." - Gitiara Nasreen, National Coordinator, Bangladesh.

Listen to more views and experiences (MP3 audio files).

Bangladesh - Dr. Gitiara Nasreen

University of Dhaka
Department of Mass Communication & Journalism

Guatemala - Denis Smith, WACC President  

WACC President

Kenya - Rosemary Okello

African Woman and Child Feature Service

Mauritius - Denisha Seedoyal

Media Watch Organisation (MWO)/Gender and Media Southern Africa (GEMSA)

Puerto Rico - Dr. Maximiliano Guzman

Red de Investigación y Colaboración en Comunicación de Centro América y el Caribe.

Iceland - Valger?ur Jóhannsdóttir
University of Iceland


El Salvador- Carlos Alberto León Ramos (Spanish)
Instituto de Derechos Humanos de la UCA

Taiwan - Prof. Nien-hsuan Leticia Fang

National Chengchi University,
Department of Journalism, College of Communication

Senegal - Amie Joof Cole

Réseau Inter- Africain pour les Femmes, Médias, Genre et Développement (FAMEDEV)

South Africa - Lowani Mtonga and Glenda Muzenda

Gender and Media Southern Africa (GEMSA)

Suriname - Sandra Clenem

Caribbean Association for Feminist Research and Action

United Kingdom - Dr. Karen Ross

University of Liverpool

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January 21, 2014
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