Solomon Islands (2)

  on January 21, 2014

The monitoring went very well for us here in the Solomons. We came across a lot of things and quite a good team too to work with doing this.

The group came out at the end of the day with ' Oh my, what a thing to learn, good that I now know how to analyse news, why are stories about women so few, a lot of stories about crime..." Those are some of the comments. The two older women in the group were amazing, keeping the group alive and recalling what it used to be like for the media decades past .And alot more including .." please include us again next time if we will still be alive.....Now we know better what to do.....''

For us, so many observations including discovering that the main stream media did almost all the same stories and a lot around rape, incest, violence....

Lisa Horiwapu, Vois Blong Mere Solomon

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January 21, 2014
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