Section 7: Participating Countries and Organisations

  on January 21, 2014

This is a list of all the organisations that took part in themonitoring of the news media on 16th February 2005 as part of GMMP2005. The majority of these will be participating in the Who Makes the News? Campaign, but for a regularly updated list of participating organisations, check the website.

Africa - Asia - The Caribbean - Europe - Latin America - Middle East - North America - Pacific


Angola, Media Institute of Southern Africa

Botswana, Women’s NGO Coalition

Ghana, Ghana Broadcasting Commission

Lesotho, Media Watch Association

Malawi, Malawi Media Women’s Association

Mauritius, Mauritius Media Watch

Mozambique, Media Institute of Southern Africa

Namibia, Gender and Media Southern African Network and Media Institute of Southern Africa Regional Secretariat

Nigeria, Institute of Management Technology

Rwanda, Rwandan Media Monitoring Project

Seychelles, GEM Plus

South Africa, Southern African Media and Gender Institute

Tanzania, Gender and Media Southern African Network

Swaziland, Swaziland Media Gender Watch

Zambia, Gender and Media Southern African Network and The Zambia Times Newspaper

Zimbabwe, Gender and Media Southern African Network

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Regional, Asian Network of Women in Communication

Bangladesh, University of Dhaka

Cambodia, Women’s Media Centre

China, Women's Media Watch


Indonesia, Yakoma PGI

Japan, Ritsumeikan University

Nepal, Asmita

Philippines, Communication Foundation for Asia

South Korea, Korean Association of Women Theologians

Thailand, Burapha University

Vietnam, Research Centre for Gender, Family and the Environment in Development

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Jamaica, Caribbean Institute of Media and Communication

Puerto Rico, University of Puerto Rico

Cuba, La Universidad de Havana


Jamaica, Women’s Media Watch

Suriname, Caribbean Association for Feminist Research and Action

Trinidad and Tobago, Caribbean Association for Feminist Research and Action

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Azerbaijan, Clean World (NGO)

Austria, Austrian Female Journalists Congress

Belgium, University of Ghent

Bosnia and Herzegovina, United Women Banja Luka and Helsinki Citizens Assembly Banja Luka

Croatia, Be Aware Be Emancipated

Estonia, Den Za Dnjom Newspaper

Finland, University of Helsinki

Georgia, Journalists Association Gender Media Caucasus

Germany, League of Women Journalists

Hungary, International Gender Equality Network

Ireland, Dublin City University

Italy, University of Padova

Netherlands, Radio Netherlands Training Centre

Malta, University of Malta

Montenegro, Anima Kotor NGO

Norway, Norwegian Women’s Media Watch

Portugal, Universidade de Coimbra

Romania, University of Bucharest

Switzerland, University of Lausanne

Sweden, Nätverket Allt är Möjligt

Spain, Association of Catalan Women Journalists

Serbia, INDOK Centre

Turkey, Anadolu University

England, University of Coventry

Northern Ireland, University of Ulster

Scotland, University of Stirling

Wales, University of Cardiff

Uzbekistan, Civil Society Research Institute

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Argentina, El Foro de Tecnologia y Genero de ISEDET

Brazil, Rede Mulher

Chile, Isis Internacional

Colombia, Universidad Nacional de Colombia

Ecuador, Universidad Central de Ecuador

El Salvador, Instituto de Derechos Humanos de la UCA

Guatemala, Centro Evangelico de Estudios Pastorales en Centro America

Paraguay, La Agencia de Noticias Jaku’eke Mujer de Paraguay

Peru, Calandria

Uruguay, La Universidad de la Republica de Montevideo

Venezuela, Instituto Radiofonico Fe y Alegria

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Egypt, MediaHouse

Israel, University of Tel Aviv

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Canada, ConcordiaUniversity and University of Ottawa

USA, General Board of Global Ministries - United Methodist Church

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Fiji, FemLINKPACIFIC: Media Initiatives for Women

Fiji, Fiji Media Watch

New Zealand, Massey University

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January 21, 2014
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