Section 1: Introduction

  on January 21, 2014

{emailcloak=off}The Who Makes the News? Take Action Pack was created to encourage and support media and or/gender activists to get involved in the Who Makes the News? Three Weeks of Global Action on Gender and Media.

The Action Pack is split into seven sections:

Section 2 gives some background on the Global Media MonitoringProject (GMMP) 2005 (the monitoring and campaigning phases combined).You can use this information in your own activities to present what theWho Makes the News? Campaign is about and what GMMP 2005 is.

Section 3 is specifically concerned with the Who Makes the News?Three Weeks of Global Action on Gender and the Media campaign.Highlighting the key issues that the campaign aims to address, it alsoexplains what will happen when, where and why. Again we hope this isuseful information for you to have when promoting your own activitiesas an individual or as an organisation or when trying to get othersinvolved.

Section 4 provides various ideas, suggestions and tips on howyou can get involved throughout the campaign, either online through ourlists and website or by organising activities of your own. There aremany ways you can get involved from sending a simple email toorganising a fully-fledged media roundtable. The ideas in Section 4 areonly a guide to how you might get involved and we would very muchwelcome any further suggestions that you think could be included tothis Take Action Pack.

Section 5 provides key resource materials in the form ofinternational agreements on gender issues that you might find usefuleither as general background information or when talking to your targetaudiences.

Section 6 is a pre-formatted press release providing key information regarding the Who Makes the News?Campaign. We also include an example of what such a press release mightlook like once linked to local activities and how you can adapt thepress release for your own use.

Section 7 lists all the organizations that participated in GMMP 2005, many of which will also be participating in the Who Makes the News? Campaign.

We strongly recommend that you refer to the WACC Gender and Media Advocacy Toolkit which will be available on http://www.whomakesthenews.orgin addition to this Take Action Pack. The toolkit contains ‘how-to’examples, suggestions and recommendations on advocacy work on genderand the media. You will find tips on talking to the media, raisingawareness on the issues, targeting the right audiences, etc… We havehighlighted the specific areas where we think the toolkit is mostuseful. Additionally, if you are new to the issues or need a refresher,the WACC Gender and Media Advocacy Toolkit will take you through thebasics of some of the key gender issues worldwide, the discourse on therole and nature of the media and the links between the two.

Welcome to the Who Makes the News? Campaign! We sincerelyhope you will find this Take Action Pack useful and we are very muchlooking forward to engaging with you during the Three Weeks of GlobalAction on Gender and the Media.

The Who Makes the News? Take Action Pack will be available in PDF or Microsoft Word format from our website: If you are willing to translate any of the following materials into a different language, please contact WACC at

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January 21, 2014
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