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(London) 6 March 2006 – International media interest has been sparkedby the first-ever “Who Makes The News: Three Weeks of Global Action”campaign, featuring over 50 events in 47 countries around the worldhighlighting the findings of “Who Makes The News?,” the report of theWACC Global Media Monitoring Project on the imbalance of representationof women and men in the news content and newsrooms of the world.Thecampaign, launched 16 February in London, will conclude 8 March withevents in New Zealand, Argentina, Sweden, Congo and other countries.InLondon, the final days will feature a videoconference linking 2continents to discuss actions arising from the campaign and how toengage with media in the years leading up to the next Global MediaMonitoring Project in 2010.

Media coverage on many continents has followed therange of activities during the Three Weeks of Global Action.TimeMagazine, The Observer, The Guardian, CNN, Le Monde Diplomatic are justa few of the international magazines, newspapers, television andinternet media that has devoted coverage to the findings and events of“Who Makes The News?: Three Weeks of Global Action.” Media coverage hasfocused on the finding that only 21% of news stories cover women, whoconstitute 52% of the world’s population and questioned the imbalanceof representation of women and men in international news.

“We are so pleased with the level of dialogue thathas begun both with media and with the general public, in the UK andaround the world, on the question of “who makes the news?”,” notesinternational GMMP coordinator Anna Turley. “Media has taken notice ofthe GMMP results, and we hope that when the next Global MediaMonitoring Project happens in 2010 we will be able to see a greaterbalance of representation of both women and men in the news.”

The final three days of “Who Makes the News? ThreeWeeks of Global Action” will be busy ones. Numerous events will placein South Africa, Congo, Ghana and Mauritius. South African DeputyPresident, Her Excellency Ms. Phumzile Mlambo-Ngcuka, will be thekeynote speaker at the launch of the South African Media MonitoringReport, to be held 7 March in Johannesburg. In the Pacific region,Papua New Guinea GMMP representatives will present their national mediamonitoring results and a panel discussion on media will be held in NewZealand. A special meeting of journalists will take place in Sweden,while a roundtable and workshop will be held in Argentina. A fulllisting of events and details can be found at

One of the final events of the Three Weeks ofAction will be held in London at the World Bank. The event will featurea videoconference linking 6 countries in Southern Africa andUnitedKingdom to reflect on the Three Weeks of Global Action campaign and toplan for ways to continue the dialogue begun with media during thiscampaign during the next 5 years up to the next Global Media MonitoringProject in 2010. In attendance at the videoconference, to be held atthe World Bank in London, will be Anna Turley, WACC internationalCoordinator of the Global Media Monitoring Project.

Who Makes The News?," the WACC Global MediaMonitoring Project (GMMP) 2005 report, contains global, regional andnational quantitative and qualitative results of over 13,000 newsarticles reviewed in 76 countries by hundreds of volunteers around theworld on one daytracking the imbalance of representation of women andmen in the news and newsrooms of the world.

The Three Weeks of Global Action (16 February – 8March 2006) features the launch of national findings of “Who Makes TheNews?” and a wide range of awareness-raising activities in over 50countries that participated in the research project, involvingjournalists, academics, students and people at the grassroots concernedabout gender and media.

Members of the media are invited to attend thevideoconference, to be held March 8 at noon at the World Bank offices,London. For security reasons, media who wish to attend need to registerin advance by contacting Sheila George at WACC, 0207-587-3000.

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January 21, 2014
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