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  on January 21, 2014


(London) 16 February 2006 – Marking the one year anniversary of the 2005 WACC Global Media Monitoring Day, today is the launch of the first-ever "Who Makes The News?: Three Weeks of Global Action,” 16 February - 8 March 2006,which plans to raise awareness of the imbalance in representation ofwomen and men in news content and the newsrooms of the world.

This global campaign was announced yesterday at the Foreign PressAssociation in London at a press conference that released "Who MakesThe News?," the WACC Global Media Monitoring Project 2005 report, whichcontain global, regional and national quantitative and qualitativeresults of over 13,000 news articles reviewed in 76 countries byhundreds of volunteers around the world.

The Three Weeks of Global Action will feature national launches of“Who Makes The News?” 2005, as well as activities relating toawareness-raising on the representation of women and men in the news inover 50 countries that participated in the research in 2005 involvingjournalists, academics, students and people at the grassroots concernedabout gender and media. A wide range of events will take place: pressconferences in Fiji and Hungary; a radio talk show focusing on “WhoMakes The News?” in Mozambique; a 4 day workshop on deconstructing andmonitoring the media in South Africa; weekly discussions by ajournalists’ association in Georgia and academic conferences in Sweden;a forum in the United States and a television program on the subject inEl Salvador. The campaign will conclude 8 March with a series of eventsincluding a videoconference linking 6 countries in Southern Africa, theUnited Kingdom, and the United States and in a discussion on gender andmedia sponsored by The World Bank.

Partners in the promotion of Three Weeks of Global Action includeUNESCO's Women Make the News Initiative and UNIFEM. Please check the“Who makes the news?” website,, to view theconstantly updated calendar of international events of the Three Weeksof Global Action.

For opportunities to join in the global dialogue on the question offair and balanced representation of women and men in the media anddiscuss media coverage during The Three Weeks of Global Action (16February – 8 March), WACC invites media and the general public toparticipate in the “Who makes the news?” media monitoring blog andThree Weeks of Global Action blog at

For more information, please contact Sheila George at WACC at or on +44(0)207-587-3000

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January 21, 2014
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