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  on January 21, 2014


LONDON, 31 January 2006 – Channel 4 News Jon Snow will moderate a media roundtable with distinguished journalists from Al-Jazeera, Mail & Guardian South Africa and other international news outlets at the launch of “WHO MAKES THE NEWS? Three Weeks of Global Action," 15 February at 9:30 a.m. in the Music Room at the Foreign Press Association, 11 Carlton House Terrace.

In addition to Snow, the media roundtable participants will include: Ferial Haffajee (Editor, Mail & Guardian South Africa); Lesley Abdela, MBE(She-evolution); Stephen Pritchard (Board Member of the Organisation ofNews Ombudsmen and Letters Editor for The Observer ); Lindsey Hilsum (International Editor, Channel 4 News); Bob Jobbins, OBE (Chairman, Rory Peck Trust and former head of BBC World Service News and Current Affairs); and Yosri Fouda (Western Europe Correspondent for Al-Jazeera Satellite Channel).

The journalists will debate the media’s ability/inability to be a fairand balanced “mirror on the world” in the light of “WHO MAKES THENEWS?,” the report of the WACC Global Media Monitoring Project, whosefindings are based on 12,983 newspaper, TV and radio news storiesreviewed by hundreds of volunteers in 76 countries on one day in 2005.

Inequality in the newsroom and imbalance in international newscoverage of women and men are just two of the findings of the report,which will be released internationally at this event. Journalisticpractice, news content and who delivers the news are also analyzed in“WHO MAKES THE NEWS?.” A surprising finding in the area of media biasand stereotyping is that news media creates often unintentionaldistortions that impact their credibilty, creating more of a “circusmirror” than a “mirror on the world.”

Organized in conjunction with the International Federation ofJournalists, TVE, Amnesty International and Article 19, the mediaroundtable will be conducted in the style of BBC Radio Four’s “TheCommission,” with the report’s findings debated between journalists and“witnesses.” An opening press conference will precede the mediaroundtable.

In addition to the release of “WHO MAKES THE NEWS?”, the event willalso serve as the international launch of “WHO MAKES THE NEWS: ThreeWeeks of Global Action” (16 February – 8 March). Endorsed by UNIFEM,UNESCO and international partners around the world, more than 50countries will participate by holding events during the three weeks toraise awareness of the report’s findings in their local media,encouraging dialogue between the public and media on the findings.

All members of the media are invited to attend the roundtable at theForeign Press Association. Space is limited. For more information andto RSVP for the media roundtable, please contact Sheila George at WACC,+44 (0) 207-587-3000 or at

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January 21, 2014
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