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  on January 21, 2014

The Global Media Monitoring Project findings were released on February15, 2006 to launch WHO MAKES THE NEWS? Three Weeks of Global Action onGender and the Media. All activities ended on March 8, 2006

What is the Global Media Monitoring Project?

How much media was monitored?

Why focus on the news media?

Why focus on gender?

What are the goals of Who Makes the News?

What is the Global Media Monitoring Project (GMMP)?

For one day in 1995 and again in 2000, men andwomen in 70 countries came together to scrutinise the portrayal ofwomen and men by the world news by monitoring stories in newspapers, TVand radio.

On 16th February 2005, the experience was repeatedin 76 countries. It took almost one year to gather and analyse all theresults from around the world

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How much media was monitored around the world?

12,893 news items on television, radio and in newspapers

The findings of The Global Media MonitoringProject were announced on February 15, 2006, launching the Three Weeksof Action to challenge news media worldwide to ensure that both men andwomen ‘make the news’.

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Why focus on the news media?

News media is a key source of information for thegeneral public. Media-generated information influences perceptions andunderstanding about what happens in the world.

However, the news media selects what is covered,how it is covered, the time allotted to each item and the order inwhich they are presented

These editorial choices are often made from selectviewpoints and experiences and do not necessarily offer a “window onthe world” but rather express the priorities and values of those whomake the editorial choices

“News media owners and news editors areoverwhelmingly male and they routinely decide what news women shouldhear and read. What is the impact on all of us when the news isconstantly reported from a male point of view? Keep in mind that medialeaders are not just leaders in that industry, but have the power toshape society's attitudes.” (www.mediachannel.org)

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Why focus on gender?

Women make up 52% of the world’s population - but only make up a tiny fraction of the world’s news story subjects.

  • On one day in 1995, women were 17% of news subjects.
  • Five years later, women were only 18% of news subjects worldwide

In the subsequent years, these figures have been supported by research at the international, national and regional level.

Research over the last 30 years supports thefindings of GMMP 1995, 2000 and 2005. Whilst some countries performbetter than others, these figures show that everyone can do better toensure women are fairly represented in and through news media

Don’t women have a story to tell?

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What are the goals of “Who Makes The News?”

The Who Makes the News Campaign seeks to promotegender equality in the media. To do so the campaign is challengingleaders of the news media, editors, media owners and journalistsworldwide to show their commitment to this issue by taking substantialand immediate action to ensure that the news media represents women andmen in a fair and balanced way.

Additionally, WACC and its partners worldwidejoined with UNESCO in offering a challenge to all media producing dailynews to give editorial responsibility to women editors and journaliststo direct the news on 8th March 2006, International Women’s Day.

This March 8th gesture of goodwill by mediamanagement was considered a first step towards promoting genderequality in and through the media in both media generation andcoverage.

General queries: info@waccglobal.org

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January 21, 2014
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