Myanmar: Women's right to freedom of expression and information

  on July 03, 2015

Published by Article 19 Asia Programme, 2015.


"This report sets out to answer several initial questions. How does the right to freedom of expression and information apply to women in Myanmar? How are women represented in the media? What information necessary for women is not easily available? Why are women’s voices not heard at the highest levels of decision making? What gender-based violence do women experience as a result of what they say?

It comes to a number of conclusions, including:

  • Women journalists generally have more junior or gender-related roles than men.
  • Women journalists have no gender-based support or voice within the media sector.
  • Women journalists are ‘protected’ rather than empowered.
  • Gender-based stereotyping is rife across the media, particularly in broadcasting.
  • The government does not prioritise the provision of access to information for women.
  • Women’s access to gender-specific information is hindered by cultural barriers.
  • Women’s voices are excluded from decision making.
  • Women included in decision making are selectively chosen by government.
  • Women’s gender and sexual identity are used to exclude them from civic space.
  • Women in Myanmar experience expression-related violence and its effects differently.
  • The current remedies and protective measures that exist to protect women from violence actually make it worse."

Download the report here.

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