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  on January 21, 2014

Newspaper training modules

Tevision training modules 

Radio training modules

Qualitative monitoring guide


The training modules found here are intended to help you understand the GMMP 2009/2010 monitoring materials and how they should be applied. Even those of you who have participated in past GMMPs will find that a number of changes have been made to the most recent versions of the monitoring materials. Subject headings have been added as well as additional catergories by which to code the people in the news. The qualitative questions are as subjective as ever and even some of the quantitative categories have their grey areas. Please ensure that you use these resources thoroughly in order to obtain a firm understanding of the monitoring process.


Although the materials for newspaper, radio and television coding are similar, they diverge in a few important places. Be sure, therefore, to look through the training modules for all three mediums and pay attention to the areas where they differ. Also, don't forget to read through the qualitative monitoring guide for additional examples pulled from that analysis portion of the media monitoring process. 

Additional Questions?

Completed the tutorials but still have questions? Perhaps even have new ones? Please write to your national coordinator. All national coordinators can be contacted via our how to participate page by clicking on the corresponding country's name. 

Newspaper training modules


Reporters and People in the news





Radio training modules

The Story Reporters and People in the news Analysis




Television training modules

The Story Reporters and People in the news



Qualitative Monitoring Guide

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January 21, 2014
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