Meet the GMMP International Ambassadors

  on February 01, 2014

Nadia Al-Sakkaf

Being a rarity in Yemen as a woman editor of an established media institution I have realized that much should and could be done to improve the relation between women and the media. We need more women in the media profession especially in high-level positions as well as quality coverage on women in the media whether in the stories or in advertisements.

I bring to the GMMP International Ambassadors  my experience in the media as a woman and my passion as a journalist. I look forward to the day when there will be gender equality and respect for all.

 —Nadia Al-Sakkaf, Publisher, Editor-in-Chief, Yemen Times



Sharon Bhagwan Rolls

The 12th Triennial Conference of Pacific Women has called for Pacific governments and national women’s machineries to use the Global Media Monitoring project as a key methodology to acquire quantitative and qualitative analysis of content so that government communication and media strategies to effectively promote their gender equality commitments.

This is an important shift of having the GMMP simply regarded as a form of women’s media activism to its importance and relevance for all of us to understand the status of women as reflected by the media.  

The GMMP is a vital opportunity for media and governments to self reflect of the status of women in the media – or quite often the invisibility. It is not about monitoring the media to curtail communication and media rights but is about ensuring woman can claim these rights!

The GMMP for me is more than a day but a moment that reminds us of the work that is needed to address and transform the ongoing gender inequalities in particular disparities in decision making.

—Sharon Bhagwan Rolls, Executive Director, FemlinkPACIFIC Fiji



Musimbi Kanyoro

An inclusive society means one in which all voices are covered by the media. I support GMMP because the program tracks and tells us the reality. How do media include women if at all? What are the reasons for marginalizing women? Human Rights are for all human beings. I join the Ambassadors team to tell that story”.

—Dr. Musimbi Kanyoro,
President and CEO, Global Fund for Women






Jennifer Lee

The GMMP is providing necessary information for people who are concerned about the depiction of women and girls in mass media. It has provided me with statistics that have helped me to explain to people that sexism in the media is deep and layered. I have used the information in speeches to large groups and in casual conversations.

We live in a time where many in the United States ask, “can women have it all?” When I hear that question I cite some of the GMMP information to show people that some of the obstacles to equality aren’t easily seen. 

—Jennifer Lee, Filmmaker. U.S.A.



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February 01, 2014
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