Learning resource kit for gender-ethical journalism

  on January 30, 2014

The kit is the result of collaboration between the World Association of Christian Communication (WACC) and the International Federation of Journalists (IFJ) to redress gender disparities in news media content.

Little progress has been made since the 1995 Beijing Platform for Action called for more gender sensitivity in the media and self-regulatory mechanisms to eliminate gender-biased programming. Research such as the Global Media Monitoring Project shows just how marginalised women remain in the news. In 2010, the GMMP revealed that women are only 24% of the people heard, read about or seen in the news.

The IFJ launched the Ethical Journalism Initiative to confront on-going discrimination in the news and reconnect journalists to their mission by enforcing core ethical standards. Challenging sensationalism and stereotypes, checking facts, abiding by codes of conduct, supporting independent self-regulatory bodies are some of the actions identified to uphold media quality and rebuild the public’s trust in the news. Fair gender portrayal is one of the issues to be given priority if media hope to fully reflect the role women play in society. The widespread use of social media, blogs and the development of online news should not be overlooked. Numerous cases reveal a failure to portray gender issues fairly and accurately and very few initiatives exist to develop ethical standards and avoid unfair and outdated stereotypes.

The kit aims to provide an answer to the gender gap in news content and lack of self-regulatory mechanisms - where these do not exist - to confront gender bias. It is organised in two books that may be read independently of each other. Book 1 discusses conceptual issues pertaining to gender, media and professional ethics. Book 2 presents gender-ethical reporting guidelines on several thematic areas. 


Learning Resource Kit for Gender-Ethical Journalism and Media House Policy
Conceptual Issues                   Practical Resources

Trousse d’apprentissage pour un journalisme éthique dans le domaine du genre et des politiques au sein des médias
Questions conceptuelles         Ressources pratiques

Herramientas de aprendizaje para un periodismo de género-ético y políticas en las empresas editoriales
Temas conceptuales                Recursos prácticos

مجموعة مصادر التعلُّم عن سياسة الصحافة
والإعلام المرتبطة بالجنس والأخلاق
القضايا الفكريةالمصادر العملي            ة   

Учебное пособие по гендерно-этической журналистике и надлежащей политике медиакомпаний


 Книга 1: Концептуальные вопросы    Книга 2: Практические ресурсы

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January 30, 2014
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