on January 21, 2014

All I know is it's a good thing my neighbours are so understanding because at 7am they might have thought I'd gone quite crazy: I was recording 4 newscasts simultaneously  - I had a radio/taperecorder on the patio recording RJR-FM newscast; plus another radio/taperecorder in the kitchen recording POWER 106FM, and in the living room I had the VCR hooked up to the TV to tape the early morning newscast, plus I was on my computer , downloading a news website.  Any visitor to my home would have thought I'd turned into a weird early-morning-news-junkie !  And what was also good is that two wonderfully supportive 'bredren' of WMW were at their homes busily recording newscasts early morning, and late at night...

Best wishes to all!
Hilary Nicholson, Women's Media Watch Jamaica

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January 21, 2014
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