GMMP inspires local TV news monitoring in Italy

  on January 21, 2014

Toronto, October 15 2009

GMMP 2009/2010 partner organization the Osservatorio di Pavia has launched a project to monitor gender responsiveness and gender equality in local Italian TV news using the GMMP monitoring methodology. The pilot project titled Glocal Media Monitoring Project, will monitor several local TV stations on GMMP 2009/2010 monitoring day which is just weeks away.

Four Italian regions have agreed to participate in the pilot project. The results will provide the basis for comparing the national GMMP results with the local dimension as well as for making inter-regional comparisons.

Osservatorio di Pavia which is jointly coordinating Italy’s participation in this year’s GMMP with the University of Padova, views the expansion of gender monitoring to local and regional media as a significant way of integrating GMMP 2009/2010 with local analysis in order to strengthen subsequent advocacy on gender equality in the Italian media.

The regions of Abruzzo, Calabria, Lombardia and Veneto have accepted to participate in the project which was submitted to all Italian Regional Committees for Communication (Co.Re.Coms). 

Local newscasts in each region will be recorded on GMMP 2009/2010 monitoring day. The Osservatorio di Pavia and media researchers will analyze the newscasts using the GMMP monitoring methodology. A complementary copy of the report from the local TV news analysis will be included in the national GMMP report.

The organization expects to share findings from the glocal media monitoring project with participants and the public at a round table as well as at events where the national GMMP report and data will be made public and discussed.

Local media monitoring activities and the application of their results for advocacy, tie in with one of the objectives for the GMMP which is to develop media monitoring skills for gender activists on an international level.


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January 21, 2014
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