Global Media Monitoring Project 2000

  on January 21, 2014

By George Spears and Kasia Seydegart of Erin Research

Belgian media monitoring

With additional analysis by Margaret Gallagher

Published by the World Association for Christian Communication

The Global Media Monitoring Project 2000 is a highlight of WACC’s Women and Media Programme for Monitoring and Advocacy, a special three-year project that expanded the work of the WACC Women’s Programme.

The GMMP 2000 took place in 70 countries, on February 1°, 2000. As the report that you can download below will show, women in 2000 were found to be just 18% of the news subjects, and men 82%.

According to Erin Research, the Global Media Monitoring Project is “the most extensive analysis of women’s participation in the world’s news media”. Margaret Gallagher has called the GMMP “one of the most extraordinary collective enterprises yet organized within the global women’s movement”.

As Teresita Hermano explained “we were determined that the broad aims of the GMMP 2000 would be to strengthen solidarity, media literacy and advocacy on media and gender issues.” The GMMP 2000, therefore, doesn’t just revitalize the international women’s movement through its joint day of action but also allows us to reflect back to media just how the news portrays women and represents their views.

Download the full text:

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January 21, 2014
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