Global media monitoring day a resounding success!

  on January 21, 2014

Many congratulations to all who took part in WACC’s fourth Global Media Monitoring Project (GMMP)!

On November 10, hundreds of women and men in over 120 countries watched television, listened to radio, and read newspapers and news on the internet for the cause of gender equality in the world’s news media.

Volunteers from women’s rights organizations, universities, media associations, and church groups monitored the representation of gender in the media as part of a collective global research and action initiative to change the portrayal and representation of gender in the news media.

A closely guarded secret, the fact that monitoring day had arrived became apparent when WACC began posting snippets of news here and on WACC's web site . Monitors all over the world were invited to send messages of encouragement. Others telephoned, sent SMS text messages and ‘SKYPED’ the WACC global office with news of the day’s events.

“I am very happy with this experience because I know that all over the world, others are participating in the same exercise..,” wrote Hiba Jawhar, a media monitor from Jordan.

In an interview with WACC, Rosemary Okello, GMMP coordinator for Eastern Africa region said: "If there is anything that GMMP has done especially in Kenya, it is to conscientize men who are a part of the monitoring team to begin understanding the need for gender monitoring in the media…" Listen to the interviews.

Results of the GMMP will be compiled in a report to be published in 2010. Preliminary findings will be discussed at the Beijing+15 Review meetings while the final report will be ready in time for the Millennium Development Goals Review Summit.

As the largest and longest longitudinal study of gender in the world’s news media, the GMMP also develops monitoring skills for media consumers around the world concerned about gender-just media.  Following the GMMP, numerous local media monitoring take root whose results are applied to action and advocacy for more gender responsive media.

The Fourth GMMP is being implemented in partnership with UNIFEM including other partners.  The International Federation of Journalists (IFJ) will collaborate with WACC in further work in 2010. WACC continues to seek support for research follow-up work scheduled over the next five years with media practitioners and civil society gender and communication groups across the world.

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January 21, 2014
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