Countdown to global media monitoring day

  on January 21, 2014

Teaching and learning the GMMP methodology

The global media monitoring day is inching closer, now only less than a month away. 

Several monitoring training resources have been added here. Remember, a good understanding of themonitoring methodology is crucial for the GMMP to be a success. The resources are useful for group training or for self learning.

They include: 

  • a presentation on the rationale for the GMMP;
  • a presentation on the background to the GMMP;
  • a presentation on the monitoring guides and coding grids;
  • a presentation on the qualitative news analysis methodology; and,
  • a presentation on how to identify case studies for the qualitative analysis.

Monitoring tutorials for different media are also available. The tutorials are designed to help develop a uniform understanding of the way the monitoring materials should be applied. 

Use the tutorials as a means to familiarise yourself with the materials and become comfortable with their application. The tutorials demonstrate step-by-step how to code a newspaper article, a radio news item and a television news item. The tutorials can be used as a self-training tool to understand the coding process.

Do remember there are additional coding examples at the end of each monitoring guide.

Do not hesitate to consult your national coordinators if you need further guidance.

Click here to begin using the resources. 


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January 21, 2014
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