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  on January 21, 2014

These contacts were valid for the period of the Three Weeks of Actionon Gender and the Newsmedia (15th February – 8th March 2006). For morecurrent contact details please contact:

We can provide interviews with the following individuals involved with the Global Media Monitoring Project -

Anna Turley, International Coordinator for the Global Media Monitoring Project (GMMP) and Women's Programme Coordinator, WACC

Margaret Gallagher, data analyst and writer of the "Who Makes The News?" report

And also GMMP media monitors and/or coordinatorsfrom around the world who were involved with the Global MediaMonitoring Day such as -

PACIFIC:Fiji - Sharon Bhagwan-Rolls, femLINKPACIFIC: Media Initiatives for Women:



ASIA:China - Cai Yiping, Women's Media Watch:

MIDDLE EAST: Israel - Dafna Lemish

AFRICA: South Africa - Judith Smith, Southern African Gender and Media Institute:

CARIBBEAN: Jamaica - Hilary Nicholson, Women's Media Watch:

EASTERN AND CENTRAL EUROPE: Croatia - Sanja Sarnavka, Be Aware, be Emancipated (BaBe):

SOUTH AMERICA: Brazil - Vera Viera

UNITED KINGDOM: Karen Ross, University of Coventry:

NORTH AMERICA: United States - Glory Dharmaraj, General Board of Global Ministries, United MethodistChurch:

Check out our full list of GMMP regional coordinators around the world.

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January 21, 2014
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