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  on January 21, 2014

The following is a selection of papers and articles related to Gender and the Media that may be useful for your own work and research (listed in alphabetical order):


Case Study: Movimiento Manuela Ramos

by the Health Communication Partnership, April 1 2005.

The Complex Visual Gendering of Political Women in the Press

by Asa Kroon Lundell and Mats Ekström, Journalism Studies, Vol 9: pp 891-910, June, 2009.

In their article, Lundell and Ekström give an excellent summary of the ways in which images are used to reinforce gender stereotypes and discredit female politicians in the Swedish media. They discuss, using a number of vivid and specific examples, images that reinforce stereotypical notions of femininity - thereby discrediting female politicians on the basis of their supposed weakness/emotional fragility - and images that contradict stereotypical notions of femininity - thereby discrediting female politicians as a result of their "abnormality." Lundell and Ekström make the important concession that male politicians, too, are subject to the unfortunate application of gender stereotypes, and that the media should work towards establishing an understanding that effective politicians need not, whether male or female, subscribe to any particular gender norm.

Coretta Scott King and the media: Martin's wife

published at the Media Monitoring Project website.

The Gender Gap: Women Are Still Missing as Sources for Journalists

by the Project for Excellence in Journalism, Columbia University - New York.

Género y publicidad: El sexismo en las revistas femeninas argentinas

por Adriana Causa, Instituto de Investigaciones Gino Germani, Area de Investigación sobre Tecnolog?a y Sociedad. Trabajo presentado en los Congresos ALAIC / IBERCOM / REDCOM, 2004.

Panorama de la Observación Cr?tica de los Medios de Comunicación en América Latina  word ico (1.8MB)

por Viviana Erazo y Oliver Schmitt, Observatorio de Medios FUCATEL - Santiago, Chile.

Mujeres en Televisión

por Eva Giberti, Psicóloga y Psicoanalista - Argentina.

News Media Subtly Influences Attitudes about Gender Differences

by Victoria Brescoll, Psychological Science, Vol. 15: pp 515-520, August, 2004.

News Coverage of Violence against Women: The Turkish Case

by Zeynep Alat, Feminist Media Studies, Vol. 6: pp 295-314, May, 2007 - London.

Zeynep Alat's article provides a shocking review of practices in the Turkish media when it comes to the news coverage of crimes committed against women. Specifically, the article highlights the apparent ubiquity of rape in Turkey's newspapers, the troubling tendency of many articles to "blame the victim," and the frighteningly common assertion that a man's feelings for a women can excuse his illicit actions against her. Alat's is a lucid and disquieting account of affairs which calls to light many of the unfortunate norms that the GMMP seeks to catalogue.

VAW & ICTs: Harmful representations of women in ICTs

by Jac sm Kee, GenderIT, 31 May 2005.

Women and Media: Progress and Issues

by Carolina Rodriguez Bello, Women’s Human Rights Net, October 2003.
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January 21, 2014
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