A gender lens on rural development, family farming and land rights news

  on August 17, 2016

Media monitoring by Kuña Roga, Paraguay

"A large number of rural women in Paraguay have been forced to sell their land, move into urban slums and elsewhere or immigrate to neighbouring and distant countries. Many others despite being legitimate land owners remain firmly  lodged in illegality because the State denies them titles to their property. 

Media monitoring research in three major newspapers revealed how much work remains to be done to achieve balanced reporting that accurately reflects the roles of rural women, their contributions, struggles and collective action.

Rural women's agency and their struggles for land that legitimately belongs to them deserve news media attention that fairly presents the status of the women as rights holders and key development actors.

New communication practices that underline the real situation without criminalizing the struggles of rural women would contribute to transforming the lives of families whose livelihoods depend on family farming."

Download the report in Spanish.

Based in Encarnación, Kuña Roga has over the past two decades directed its efforts to women's rights' struggles using a communication approach, and to strengthening and increasing the visibility of rural women in particular.


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