Shown: orange band with light blue and green stripes.
other band colours such as black, red, blue, pink, purple can be ordered in quantities above 50

About the bracelet

The bracelet is produced by Mdada (Swahili for 'young woman'), a social enterprise in Kenya that teaches entrepreneurship to young people and subsidizes the same training to girls from underprivileged backgrounds. The girls get a chance to contribute to their own school fees, earn pocket money and gain financial literacy skills. 90% of the proceeds return to the girls and for every 5 bracelets sold, one girl gets a free Mdada (bracelet making) kit.

Mdada's founder Lila Kiwelu explains how ending media sexism links to real world struggles for gender equality. She says:

“Ending media sexism will improve prospects for gender equality in education because trivialized and objectified portrayal of women will change. Young girls will choose to spend more time on their talents and education rather than on their appearance. They will be encouraged to work hard in school knowing that when they do, they will have a fair chance of being hired in top positions in any field. In many Kenyan communities girls are married off young and only 1 in 2 complete high school.

Ending sexism will encourage both girls and boys not to limit their perception of themselves to the make believe "reality" offered by the media. Young people are especially vulnerable to media messages to the extent that they are unable to differentiate between stereotypes and reality. Boys are affected by media sexism too: The portrayal of boys and men as unemotional, macho or competent is not always accurate and hurts their perception of themselves and by women of them.

I believe ending media sexism is a powerful way of empowering women and men because the media are influential in defining values”.

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0-50 bracelets: $6 each
51-100 bracelets: $4.50 each
Price includes packaging. Postage extra.
Taxes and duties are imposed by the destination country. The amount is payable by the buyer
Approximate delivery period: 14 working days.

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